Novel Coronavirus – COVID19 Precautionary Measures

The Health and Safety of our Guests and Employees, and their families, is our most important task now more than ever. Therefore, we have adapted our hygiene protocols in order to prevent possible risks and to ensure you have an enjoyable and safe stay with us.

You will find presented below a brief of the measures we’ve put in place already, according to standards indicated by legislation in force and will be continuously improved and adjusted according to health directives, legal recommendations and guest suggestions.

We will continue to update this page with the latest information regarding travel safety



Rules for our guests

  • Disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the hotel and when getting into the lifts; for this purpose, we have installed specific disinfectant dispensers in all these areas.
  • We kindly ask you to respect the social distance from Continental Hotels team members. There are special marks on the lobby floor in this respect.
  • We kindly ask you to respect the social distance from the other guests of the hotel.
  • To minimize guests’ contact with employees we have set up an online check-in procedure. Please fill in the online Form from our website, prior your arrival.
  • For reservations made in advance, we recommend paying online or by bank transfer. For payment at the reception desk, we recommend payment by credit card.
  • If you have a test positive during your stay, we provide an isolation room, on request, during quarantine.



Rules for Continental Hotels


  • Cleaning and disinfection of public areas is carried out by hotel staff, based on internal procedures, in compliance with the health regulations in force and constantly updated according to medical recommendations to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2.
  • We pay special attention to the sanitation of all public contact points and frequently touched surfaces: hotel access door, reception desk area, POS machines, guest registration forms, lift buttons, doorknobs, handrails, handles, taps, switches, promotional material holders, reception desk countertop, ATMs.
  • We have increased the frequency of public area cleaning to a maximum 3 (three) hours using authorized disinfectant and antibacterial solutions from Ecolab, and for floors ue use Kärcher disinfectant steam cleaner.
  • All areas are aerated whenever necessary. Filters of ventilation and air conditioning systems are regularly sanitized and cleaned, ensuring an adequate quantity of fresh air.
  • The lifts are equipped with purification/sterilization and disinfection devices. The technical solution offered by Kone provides a fresh air circulation in the lift cabin using PCOTM  technology (Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology). [not applicable to Continental Forum Bucharest, Continental Forum Constanta, MyContinental Bucharest and MyContinental Sibiu].


  • We have updated the internal cleaning procedure in hotel rooms according to the health recommendations on the prevention of the spread of SARS-CoV-2.
  • The air in the vacated rooms is sanitized with the help of the ozone generator.
  • The maid will not touch the guest’s items when cleaning or changing linen/towels.
  • By washing and drying at high temperatures, then ironing, we ensure the disinfection of linen, towels and bathrobes. We use professional detergents and disinfectants, in keeping with the protocol established by our supplier Ecolab.
  • All surfaces in the room are cleaned wiped and disinfected with dedicated professional products, according to the protocol established by our supplier Ecolab.
  • Cleaning cloths are changed after each room. They are collected in a special container cleaned and disinfected at the end of the day.
  • In the process of disinfecting the room, we pay special attention to handles, knobs, switches, sockets, telephone buttons, remote controls, safe, accessible lighting fixtures (lamp, etc.), all flat surfaces, information materials in the room.


  • We are constantly updating the capacities of the event rooms so as to comply with the social distance and legislative restrictions in force at the time of the event.
  • The conditions for organizing/participating in events may change depending on legislative regulations. Please inform yourself of the legislative framework in force at the time of the event.
  • Disinfectant dispensers are provided in each event hall.
  • We provide the technology and facilities necessary for organizing hybrid events – guests can participate physically or online at the event.
  • We frequently disinfect all surfaces in the event rooms using cleaning solutions from our authorized supplier Ecolab
  • After use, the event hall goes into an air sanitizing treatment using the Ozone generator.
  • We frequently clean and disinfect the filters of the air conditioners according to the internal prevention and cleaning plan.
  • We use natural ventilation of meeting rooms as much as possible.
  • The technical equipment provided by Continental Hotels is subject to a cleaning and sanitizing protocol so that the quality and properties of the equipment are not affected.
  • The Continental Hotels team uses protective equipment in accordance with internal working procedures and legislation in force.
  • The Continental Hotels team is continuously trained on safety and sanitation protocols for the prevention of the spread of SARS-CoV-2.
  • We adapt to customer requests and reconfigure the conference rooms setup so that safety recommendations and social distancing are respected.


  • We have updated the Food Safety Management System and we observe the programs that include hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing good practices, area zoning, supplier control, storage, distribution and transport staff hygiene and work capacity assessment, all basic conditions and activities necessary to maintain a hygienic food processing environment.
  • All our products are purchased from accredited suppliers that present compliance certificates.
  • We have updated working procedures and increased the frequency of handwashing and disinfection in all work processes: food processing and sale.
  • We have consolidated technical maintenance services: water disinfection, water drinking quality monitoring, monitoring dishwashing equipment, air filter condition, optimal operation of disinfectant dispensers.


  • Our team is trained to rigorously apply all internal legal measures to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Each employee is thoroughly briefed on essential prevention measures. Operating instructions are continuously improved.
  • We work together with Ecolab, which provides us with outreach and infection prevention programs for the spread of the virus by participating in online trainings which include operational, training and resource best practices.
  • Access to the hotel for employees is through designated areas, meeting internal control procedures, updated for this period with measures to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2.
  • All employees are provided with disinfectants.
  • We have updated internal working procedures and increased the frequency of hand washing and disinfection of premises and utensils during work processes (both in the kitchen, serving, cleaning and reception).
  • We pay attention to disinfecting handles, handrails, switches etc. in auxiliary areas reserved for employees, in lock rooms included.
  • We increased the efficiency of internal flows as to limit movements within the hotel, minimize contact with colleagues while maintaining social distance.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfecting of work equipment at temperatures of 60 – 90 degrees, depending on material and label instructions.


We assure you of our concern for your safety and comfort.


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