Career opportunities
Career opportunities



Here, at Continental Hotels, we believe in promoting services crafted by the attention, the care and the pleasure to serve our clients. In order to provide our customers with the best possible conditions and services, we need the best employees more than anything.

Our company encourages an open and communicative work environment. Our power comes from our openness to changes and from our readiness to learn from others. We promote a work environment where each team member takes personal responsibility for what they are doing. A successful team is made of responsible members, who want to take up more responsibilities.

Our management style promotes performance, both at individual and at team level and it encourages employees to focus on achieving their goals. We provide our employees with jobs that offer incentives, opportunities, training and a chance for personal development.  By building together the best ideas and practices, by integrating the best of our employees in average teams, we increase the company’s strength. A positive attitude and enthusiasm are the main qualities necessary for those who want to become part of our team.

We take new recruits for their attitude, we develop their skills and we build their experience.

Whether you are at the beginning of you career, or you already started your career but you would like to consolidate and develop it in a stable environment, with challenging opportunities, we believe in recruiting the right candidates for their attitude, in developing their skills and building their experience.

Over the years, we have learned that people stay where they feel appreciated, where they feel proud to be part of a team made of valuable people, who could teach them new things, where they can find the right role for their individual potential.

Find out more about our career opportunities, apply today and, if we contact you to discuss your application, you will get the chance to find out what it means to choose a career in Continental Hotels.

Send us your professional and your contact information in a detailed CV, along with a picture of yourself and your activity options at:

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