Romanian hospitality brand
Romanian hospitality brand

Company Profile

Company Profile

Continental Hotels is the perfect option for guests looking for high quality accommodation in the main cities of Romania, pleasantly combining comfortable lodging with high quality services in an elegant atmosphere.

With a solid tradition, our hotel chain wants to satisfy the requirements of all types of customers, with high class and harmony, elegance and style, arts and innovation.  Thus, whether you are on your spare time and you are looking for some peace and quiet, or you are on a business trip, our hotels are the ideal choice for a relaxing stay.

Our motto is: “More than a team, we’re Continental Hotels family” and we can assure you that our goal is to turn your time spent with us into memorable moments. Thus, your time spent in any of our hotels will turn into an unforgettable experience.

Continental Hotels has hotels in the following cities:
•  Grand Hotel Continental *****: Bucharest
•  Continental Forum ****: Arad, Oradea, Sibiu, Tîrgu-Mureș,
•  Continental ***: Suceava, Drobeta Turnu Severin
•  Hello Hotels **: București

All our hotels are located in the centres of their cities. Continental Hotels provides facilities both for business trips and for vacations and holidays.

We invite you on a wonderful trip, where you can choose one of our hotels, depending on your desires and necessities and experience unique moments with us.

company profile continental hotels

Our Mission:

To become market leaders in the field of business tourism in Romania, by means of sustained investments, by permanently training our staff, by applying excellent standards to our services and by being very receptive towards the market requirements.

company profile continental hotels

Our Vission:

  • To insure high quality services to its clients, both through its equipment and through its highly trained, customer-oriented personnel.
  • To provide a positive working environment, where employees can develop professionally.
  • To exceed the guests’ and the employees’ expectations, through constant endeavours.
  • To continue the development and growth of its standards.
company profile continental hotels

Our Values:

  • Our company encourages an open and communicative work environment.
  • Our management style promotes high performances, both individually and within a team and it encourages people to reach their objectives.
  • We take new recruits for their attitude, we develop their skills and we build their experience.
  • Our promise to our guests is: “We provide high quality services every time”
company profile continental hotels

Our Objectives:

  • To set up venues on the most developed areas of the country, thus providing national coverage
  • To cover the economy, the business and the luxury class
  • To improve the quality standards of our services on a permanent basis.
  • To be known by the members of our target segment as a Romanian hotel chain.


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