Direct booking DISCOUNT
Direct booking DISCOUNT

Best online rates!

Best online rates!

Book directly on our website and you will find the best online rates guaranteed!

SC Continental Hotels SA is the direct provider of the hotel services, so the one who determines the rates for the services provided. We guarantee you will always get the best available hotel rates when you book directly on our website:


Direct booking: Continental Hotels reservations (Hello Hotels Bucharest, Grand Hotel Continental, Continental Forum Arad, Continental Forum Oradea, Continental Forum Sibiu, Continental Suceava, Continental Tîrgu Mureș, Continental Drobeta Turnu Severin) booked as it follows:

Standard public rates: the rates that are practiced by Continental Hotels in the online menu and that are found on other booking websites or online booking platforms.

Booking websites or online booking platforms: websites and online apps that list accommodation services. Through online booking websites/platforms, the services that Continental Hotels offers are available for the public. These websites and platforms are held, controlled and administrated by other companies and do not belong to SC Continental Hotels SA.

Competing rate: it is defined as being a standard public rate available on any other online booking website/platform for the same date, the same period of time, the same number of people and the same type of room (dimension, facilities, etc.), at the same hotel, in the same currency, subject to the same rate rules and/or restrictions.

Terms and conditions:
    1. The Best Online Rates Guarantee applies for reservations made at Continental Hotels (Hello Hotels Bucharest, Grand Hotel Continental Bucharest, Continental Forum Arad, Continental Forum Oradea, Continental Forum Sibiu, Continental Suceava, Continental Tîrgu Mureș, Continental Drobeta Turnu Severin) through our official website:, through phone or e-mail;
    2. Direct bookings have a 15% discount than the standard public rates;
    3. For receiving the 15% discount when booking directly, you need an e-mail address;
    4. SC Continental Hotels SA does not keep the client’s e-mail address or use it for marketing purposes, unless the client agrees in writing at the hotel’s reception;
    5. If within 24 hours of completing a reservation on, you find a rate (“Competing Rate”) on another website that is lower than the room rate that you have booked on our website, please write us an e-mail with the subject “Best Online Rates Guarantee claim” to the email address;
    6. SC Continental Hotels SA rewards the loyalty and the help offered in keeping the online medium a correct and safe one for electronic commerce, so that we will reimburse the rate difference and we will give the client a 20% discount;
    7. “The Competing Rate” must be available and bookable online by the general public. If the Competing Rate is no longer available to the public at the time the claim is reviewed by us, the Best Rates Guarantee will not apply, unless the guest provides us with satisfactory evidence of the Competing Rate;
    8. A claim e-mail must be send within 24 hours of the Booking date to be eligible;
    9. The Best Rates Guarantee is based on and available for the room rate only and does not include any taxes or tariffs incidentals, gratuities, or any other fees or charges which may be imposed by the hotel on the guest’s stay and cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts. Claims will be reviewed based on the Competing Rate and the rate of the Booking on the Brand Website eligible for the Best Rates Guarantee. When a claim covers a stay for multiple nights, the rates will be reviewed based on the average over the stay (the total consecutive nights regardless of the number of check-ins or check-outs);
    10. We will verify the eligibility of the claim and notify guest via e-mail if the claim qualifies for the Best Rates Guarantee within 48 hours of our receipt of a completed claim e-mail;
    11. For all qualifying claims, we will adjust the Booking to match the Competing Rate and discount that rate by an additional 20%. For prepaid Bookings, the difference will be refunded on the applicable credit card by the hotel;
    12. We are not responsible for any fees incurred due to guest’s cancellation of a Competing Rate;
    13. The Best Rates Guarantee DOES NOT APPLY to the following:
  •  Special ‘member only’ rates available to members of special programs or associations (i.e. employee discounts, fidelity or membership programs),
  • Special “exclusive offers” or “online coupons” offered by third party website,
  • Group rates,
  • Corporate rates,
  • Wholesale rates,
  • Affinity/association rates,
  • Package rates that include the room and other components such as meals, amenities, entertainment. flight, tours etc.
  • Rates from so called “opaque” or auction sites where the hotel brand and/or the specific hotel is not known until booking is finalized.
  • Any other unpublished or private rates,
  • Rates quotes on direct mail or electronic mail solicitations,

14. We reserve the right to change or discontinue the Best Rates Guarantee at any time without prior notice. We retain the sole right to determine the validity of any claim, whether a rate qualifies as a Competing Rate, and/or whether a claim has satisfied the terms and conditions stated herein. Any dispute arising out of or related to the Best Rates Guarantee shall be handled individually and without any class action and is subject to the terms of the site usage agreement of the applicable Brand Website used for the Booking.

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